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You would be surprised how much some colorful pieces of art would add inspiration to your day and the pepole around you.

Our mission

Workplace Art has a long history of manufacturing and selling wall art that motivates and inspires. Since 1999, we have been creating new visions of alternative wall art, in unexpected mediums, from some of the most innovative artists in the world. With corporate offices in Austin, Texas and a distribution facility in Cedar Park, Texas, our mission is to be your source for everything art at affordable price points.


Creative passion meets innovation

We travel the world to constantly expand our exclusive offerings inspired by the hundreds of accomplished artists that make up the Workplace Art Catalog. We love being in the design trade, and you will see that passion reflected in the way we consistently reinvent ourselves in the art world. No photograph can recreate the brilliance and craftsmanship we vest into every item.


Get inspired with your surroundings.

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